Medicine Park, Oklahoma – A Travel Guide

Medicine Park, Oklahoma is located in the Wichita Mountains just west of the small town of Lawton. It is known as the “uptown Kansas City” for its history of cobblestone streets, hotels, and a famous blind and white swing bridge. Medicine Park lies west of Lawton in the corner of west Sedgwick and northwest of Bridgeton. There are many attractions in this beautiful destination. The information about these attractions will help you plan your visit to this place. More can be found here.

Medicine Park, Oklahoma State History Museum: This museum contains the rich history of this region’s evolution from early pioneer days to the present. It has two parts: the historic museum that showcases the artifacts found during archaeological excavations, and the research center that houses numerous exhibits on different topics related to this state’s past and its people, industries, culture, etc. Museum information is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Italian. During summer, the museum presents cultural events, which include theatre, music, street entertainers, and storytelling. Free guided tours are also arranged for visitors who want to explore this region’s heritage. Learn more about Experience The Scenic Beauty of Geronimo, Oklahoma.

Fort Sill’s Historic Site: It is one of the prominent attractions of Medicine Park. A Civil War battle site, it provides information on the major battles that were fought here during the First Oklahoma War (known as the Civil War), as well as other Civil War activities that took place nearby. Fort Sill was established by Major Richard Taylor, a US soldier who ended up becoming a celebrity for his bravery during the war. Today, the area is home to a National Historic Landmark.

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