Fort Sill, Oklahoma – About Its Historic Past

Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the largest of all U.S. Army posts, is located about 85 miles west of Oklahoma City and is in the middle of the Grand Prairie National Forest. Fort Sill has been around since before the Civil War. It was created for the purpose of training sharpshooters, gunners, and other military personnel. Today, the main attractions of Fort Sill, are its Museum of Military History, the Old Fort, the Historic Depot, the Gunnery Research Center, and the Air Force Museum. This article provides information about other Fort Sill attractions and information about the fort itself. More about Lawton, OK can be seen here.

The museum of the military history of Fort Sil,l houses about six million documents, including photographs and memorials. There is also a prison camp there that houses the country’s largest jail, where former prisoners of the fort are kept. The Old Fort and historic depot house historical artifacts, some dating back to the 1860s. The Gunnery Research Center houses an assortment of antique firearms. The Air Force Museum houses a wide collection of military aircraft and historic military vehicles. Visitors and others who are interested in experiencing what life was like at the post can explore the Fort Sil,l Historical Center, the main attraction. Information about the history of Fort Sill can be found here, including photographs, maps, and other historical artifacts. The information in the museum is also available to visitors on a map. Click here to read about Fort Sill, Oklahoma – A Pleasure Above All Others.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma is not only a gateway to the Oklahoma Gulf Coast at Osage Beach, but it also offers easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, nearby Texas, and the Louisiana gulf coast. Fort Sill’s location makes it a convenient destination for many activities. There are many attractions to see and do in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Visitors to this beautiful, if often troubled, the town will find that Fort Sill offers much to do and see. Whether it is the Fort Sill Zoo, the Grand Hotel, or the Museum of Military History, Fort Sill will offer something for everyone.

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