Fort Sill, Oklahoma – A Pleasure Above All Others

Fort Sill, Oklahoma is located in the middle of the Great Plains, about an hour from Tulsa and about an hour from Fort Walton Beach. It is a United States Army base south of Lawton, Oklahoma, about eighty miles west of Oklahoma City. It covers about 94,000 acres of southern Oklahoma terrain. The area is heavily forested with ponderosa pine, cedar, and gumbo oak. There are many natural attractions, including the Big Hole River, Thunder Bird National Wildlife Refuge, Fort Sill, Wildlife Area, and the Osage River. Information can be found here.

Visitors are not limited to viewing the attractions on a map. There are many sources of information available online that include everything from detailed maps of the area to newsletters that feature current news about Fort Sill, and its surroundings. Fort Sill is about three hours east of Oklahoma City and about an hour north of Grants, Oklahoma City, and is about half an hour north of Dallas. The area is close to all of the major attractions and it is easily accessible by road or by air. See here for information about Cache, Oklahoma – A Wonderful Destination For a Weekend of Fun.

Fort Sill was among those selected as one of the top ten places to be on the “Top of the Nation” list by the Wilderness Communication Institute. The university also has a photographic gallery that features hundreds of photos of natural areas, people and wildlife. Another reason for the popularity of Fort Sill has been the success of the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation. This foundation works to improve the lives of children in need and to help families become financially stable. In addition to the numerous attractions that draw visitors, the area offers a comfortable place to live with convenient access to shopping and restaurants.

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